Why360 Assessment | Executive Leadership Test BeCoachable

Employees don't quit companies, they quit managers!

Take our executive leadership test to assess your leadership skills.

Any executive or leader can encounter difficulties in leading a team. Find out for yourself whether your leadership difficulties stem from problems with yourself, your role or handling others. Our leadership test shows you how you are doing in each of these three major areas, as well as ten sub-areas of leadership.

This test is the most well-validated leadership assessment on the market, with over 2.5 million case studies to back up its accuracy.

Most leaders have at least a few blind spots that keep them from performing at optimal levels in their roles, or from advancing to new roles. If you feel stuck or would like to take your role to the next level, take our assessment to:

• Discover blind spots in your leadership and management skills
• Understand whether you are “coachable” or not
• Determine whether problem areas exist with you, your role or handling others.

Our leadership assessment will give you detailed results with a graph of your results and a detailed, personalized analysis. You are also entitled to a free analysis of your results by phone if you purchase the assessment through our website. Online price is only $99.

"I had no idea I was being so critical of my employees. After I took the test, I realized that trait was a blind spot I had. Then I told my team about the assessment and they all nodded silently as I gave them the results. I would never have known to fix this trait without this assessment. My team is very happy I took this!

Thank you. -- B.T"